In 1987 a mining explorer named David Cooper, claims to have found an folded letter inside of a leather box. Mr. Cooper claims he discovered the letter while digging under one of the only trees near the historic Dun Glen Mining Camp in Pershing County, Nevada.

Mr. Cooper claims the letter is from the time of the mining camps heyday between 1860 and 1880, and is a record of a gold explorer immigrant named Rene as he writes to his beloved wife Marthe.

The letter itself is the first known written record of Rocushe, a wolf like monster that has roamed the earth since the beginning of time. Written in French, I have translated it into English.

My dearest Marthe,

I hope this letter finds you well. I love and miss you and look forward to your warm embrace once again. We have made it a four nights walk from Dun Glen. Myself and 12 other men decided to move south and establish our own camp and find gold. Awan, our Indian guide is of the Numo tribe and has let us to an area where he says his ancestors have for centuries made jewelry from the gold in the ground.

This area is like a sand desert; full of rocks and gullies but surrounded by treed mountains. The nights here are as dark as molasses, and Awan will not let us take cover under the trees or in the gullies; he says it is only safe to camp in the open and surrounded by a circle of fire. Each night we must light the fire starting at the northern point and move in the path of a clock until fully lit and once again at the northern point.

Awan's people have lived on these lands for 10,000 years and believe in the creation of man not as we believe, but as a bird that survived a great flood and when the waters subsided, turned into a man. He was a cannibal who resembled a man, had a face like a wolf, and feet the size of a giant man and toes that look like fat talons. This man called Numozaho searched the land and found others hiding in the peaks of the mountains, where the flood water had never reached. Numozaho was so scared of these people that he killed everyone except for a single young woman who had the skin of silk, eyes like the stars, and hair the color of the night. Numozaho bedded the woman and she bore children; two normal looking girls and a one boy, and another boy directly resembling Numozaho, but his skin was rough like rocks. Numozaho was so angry with the last boy's appearance that he named him Rocushe, killed the mother, and cursed Rocushe to wander the unfertile desert forever. Cast out, orphaned, and cursed for eternity because of his father's looks, Rocushe rage towards Numozaho is such that as he wonders, he began and has continued to kill anything that resembles his likeness; man, bird, and wolf, all except women. Awan, says his people believe that the descendants of Rocushe continue to walk the land today carrying out Rocushe's revenge.

I tell you this story, because every morning we wake to a the loud deep screeching of what sounds like a baby teething, but with moments of a wolf's howl coming from the trees towards the east. And when we put out our fire, we see man size deep prints of what look to be bird's. I have not seen this creature but the sounds we hear at sunrise and the footprints which become more apparent down by the gullies are starting to scare the men. If we do not strike gold here within the next 2 days, we plan on moving southwest towards the next camp for safety and supplies.

Your forever love,